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To start, simply enter the service you desire, and a location to search from in the boxes above. If you're unsure what to search, or just browsing, feel free to check out our most commonly searched categories (near the bottom).


The first thing every business should do is increase their internet visibility. This is really simple with RateSavvy - just search for your business in our PriceDirectory. Add/update any information necessary, or click "Add a Business" at the top if you're not listed. This is free and will help all of our visitors get connected with your business.

Once that is complete, let's talk about how we can get you more, quality customers! We offer a large variety of services include web design and development, consultation, and internet marketing, and can be deigned to fit any budget. Go ahead, Give us a call.


Ready to make that leap to a enterprise class website or high-value customers? Already made that leap, but not making the returns you were promised?

First and foremost, make sure you're listed in our directory. For the price (free), it's the best investment you can make. We can also provide consultation on your current website, your tech department, and even training. We also offer phone, email, and (in some locations) on-site support on a case by case basis, or on a contractual basis.
What's New With RateSavvy
  • Holy Redesign, Batman!
    Our most recent redesign may shock you if you've been coming here for a while. This isn't just a face-lift though - The engine powering RateSavvy has been tuned, tweaked, and rebuilt. The general flow for user experience has been improved as well. We dare say it is almost 200% less janky than before. A few things that have been improved include a spellcheck for searches, searching the service description for keywords, and a whole host of other features you'll discover as you use the site.
  • Our mobile site just came back from repairs!
    That's right, the fastest and most cost saving yellow pages is again available in mobile. Every page is lightning fast, lightweight, and even optimized to conserve battery life (we bared no expense). Many are still paying per megabyte, yet other business directories find it necessary to cost you between 4 and 5 of those per page. We have brought the average page view down to 1/100th the size, yet provide the same amount of data and features as our full site. Visit our mobile site and tell us what you think. We promise to listen!
  • Rating system added
    A new star rating system has been implemented. Much debate went on in the office between a binary rating system (think 'like button' on facebook), and a traditional 5-star system. The star rating system was ultimately chosen. The binary rating system is great for letting your buddy know his dog looks cute in that festive holiday sweater, but the star rating system provides finer granularity, which is what is needed for a yellowpages type of directory.
  • We've been watching you!
    No, not really. But we have been keeping track of all visits to every listing since launch. We will keep one year of traffic statistics with this method. These statistics will be available to the owner of the business he or she registers. With this, a performance report can be generated to see how well your particular listing is doing, or what improvements can be made. We will, of course, make suggestions to you to help improve your traffic. Did we mention this will all be free? We shouldn't have to, you're using RateSavvy.
  • We have doubled our servers
    That's right. Come see what all the buzz is about! Due to the higher load generated from the ever increasing amount of visitors, we had to add slightly more than double the servers we had before. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a couple brand new servers, we simply spent hundreds of dollars on a larger number of 2-3 year old servers. This will increase uptime dramatically, as well as the speed each user experiences on the site. For those technical minded individuals, we're doing this through database clustering, fail-over load balancing, and search clustering. Go ahead, invite everyone and try to exceed the limit! In the mean time, enjoy the more reliable, faster RateSavvy.

    -Love, The RS Server Admin Team
  • Now with more search!
    Sorry, the B team is writing titles now. As part of our multi-step redesign, we have improved the search handler powering RateSavvy. Due to better location handling abilities, and just the general process used to search, our search now returns more relevant results at an even faster rate. This is opening the doors for an instant search feature, similar to what Big Brother (Google) uses. What does instant search mean for the end user? Not much, but we'll be proud of it!
  • We give back to the community!
    Which community? As many as possible! We have been giving back to the open source community for a little while now. While our list of contributions isn't as great as some of the big guys out there, it's pretty decent for a business that opened it's doors less than six months ago. As for physical communities, we're in the alpha of creating a highschool student employment program. Our hopes are to produce a few more well-rounded individuals; Not just teaching them skills required for this company, but teaching them how to learn on their own. Don't get too excited though, as this program will not be initiated until RateSavvy Inc. can support it financially.